There’s something about summer, the anticipation of the rising temperatures, which makes the sin funk in Los Angeles all the more fabulously ripe. This month, we’ve got a hugely exciting event coming up, which I really must blather about like a giddy schoolgirl before moving along.

You see, two of the hottest women in the alt and fetish scene have a new space! Miss Crash and Jane Jett (whose on-stage contributions to the recent Jane’s Addiction show at the Roxy you might have recently read about in Rolling Stone or LA Weekly) are opening a brand spanking new creative hub, Studio Servitu`, inspired by Domina Angelina’s well-respected Dungeon Servitus in San Diego. We just had a chance to visit the space in progress and, I must say, it is badass! The Boss and I are already champing at the bit to shoot there. What can you say about a place which will have a giant (and I mean fucking GIANT) cross hanging right in the middle of two of the several partitioned shooting spaces? You say, “It’s frick’n awesome!” that’s what.

But this is not the most exciting thing about the Servitu` opening. Not by a long shot!

They will be kicking off with a fantastic party, VIP invitation only, with nothing but the hottest and most important industry folks in attendance. It will be such an exclusive party, chock full of gorgeous naughtiness, absolutely no photos or filming will be allowed. The party will take place on August 21st so, if you’re not seeing the usual level of sexy out in LA that night, you know where the sexy is and what it’s up to … downtown in a not-to-be-disclosed location having a night of debauchery and sin.

I might give you all unable to be there a few juicy details afterward (if you’re very nice) but, seriously, if you’re in or around Los Angeles, this is the one invitation you really want to get this summer.

We started our Summer of Sin with a little trip to Exxxotica Expo. If you can imagine a convention hall filled with booths about your favorite sins and sinners with various bits of stripper-licious eye-candy spotted between, quite literally about every few yards, you’ve probably also been to Exxxotica. Being a girl and all, I was curious about what these sorts of fan conventions are all about and, as luck would have it, the nice folks at Exxxotica were happy to provide me with a press pass so we naughty kids from the CHS Regime could explore and share.

At its most obvious, Exxxotica Expo is precisely what you’d imagine. There are booths with various strata of pin-up, fetish, alt, and porn models and actresses, the more famous hemmed in by fans very excited to meet their favorite stars. What kind of surprised me, in a pleasant sort of way, was the way they incorporated lots of fledgling local models into the scene. You honestly couldn’t walk but a few yards before seeing more sexy girls in the Expo’s colors (black and hot pink).

Now, this was not just hot women hanging about in lingerie. Exxxotica had thought of every possible way to seduce the eye with sexy candy. There were girls on giant swings, girls on poles (of course), girls in jump houses (complete with padded battle-sticks), girls on beds, even girls on a teeter-totter. Our favorite had to be the “mechanical penis”, a bull-riding machine made to look like a big ol’ pink member. Fucking priceless! I wasn’t bullshitting about the variety. It was seriously impressive. And the scene was not just varied. The girls ranged from athletic to curvaceous, pale to dark, petite to amazonian. It was an utter feast for the eye looking for beautiful women of every and any sort.

Then there were the big draws to Exxxotica. The most popular we could see was the sensational Belladonna. There was never a moment in all the time we were in the house that there was not a mob scene at her fantastically unique and clever booth. She had built a bath scene, tiled and all with great seedy fluorescent lighting, with strategic peepholes cut in all over the outside. This way, folks could see what was going on, even while they were in line. For her part, Belladonna was her gracious and gorgeous self, shooting lots of photos with fans and chatting away with everyone. I don’t think anybody left feeling they didn’t get a really wonderful moment to meet her, even with the length of the waits.

Our favorite of the big booths had to be Clips 4 Sale. Unlike most of the booths, which just had stars sitting about signing and shooting photos, the folks at Clips 4 Sale kept an ongoing flurry of fun and silly/sexy activity going. While we were there, they had enlisted a blushing woman from the crowd to come up and try out a riding vibrator while being teased by Miss Crash and Audrey Fires. Then, once she was all blushes and giggles, they enlisted another game partcipant to run through a demonstration of as many fetishes listed on the site as possible. This guy started … started … with getting flogged in the sac. Yeah. Then he was whipped a bit more by Miss Crash, rode around the floor by Audrey, enlisted in a bit of foot worship before … well, I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

That was a great part of Exxxotica, by the way. Without nudity, sex, nothing over-the-top (well, okay the riding schlong was a bit over), it was a day of good dirty fun that was almost kind of clean. It was sexy in a fun, rollicking way. I had expected more of the weird quiet silent stare like atmosphere of a strip club. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It was, if nothing else, like a carnival of good clean sexiness.

Also in attendance were a bevvy of starlets from Vivid, set up in a massive booth with big, juicy giant posters of each girl behind her. We had a chance to meet Tanya Tate, a beautiful blonde from the UK, and spend a moment talking about the industry before moving along to the smaller providers on hand. Burning Angel was also on hand, with Joanna Angel and Dana DeArmond at the booth meeting fans.

We also got to say hello to legend Nina Hartley while she was being interviewed. She is, I must say, pure awesome and looking hot as ever!

Then, there were some interesting booths outside the photos/video realm. Our favorite had to be the oil-based slip-n-slide like contraption. Sadly, it was rather underused in our time there. There were also naughty candies and lollipops, shaped like … well, do I really need to say? It’s pretty obvious. So, yeah, we walked about all day watching women go down on candies. It was pretty funny, really.

The thing which was the most surprising, again in a pleasant way, was the number of women on hand with their boyfriends and husbands. It’s cool to see more and more of us comfortable with naughty stuff. One woman was shooting photos of her man snuggling with Belladonna, beaming with smiles. I was so proud of womankind.

From the powerful woman stars of the industry, to the women running their own studios, to the women strong and confident enough to come out and play in their playground … We’ve, indeed, come a long way. Good show, ladies!

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