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Punk rock is close to our hearts, here at Lip Service. So, it’s not surprising that so is making punk clothing. In both our men’s and women’s punk rock clothing collections, there are decades of attitude and edge stitched into every seam and strap.


Whether you want plaid bondage pants or a new kilt, maxi dress or a pair of vintage blue jeans, Lip Service has the punk clothing for your style. Make sure to check out our punk rock accessories and APE Leather belts, wristbands, and chokers, to complete your look.


Featured Punk Rock Collections and Stylegroups:
LSMPA (Lip Service Manufactured Punk Aesthetic)
Need some punk and disorderly in your life? We can, at least, take care of your gear. Lip Service Manufactured Punk Aesthetic gives you punk rock style jeans, jackets, and tees to kit up your inner romper-stomper.

Jeans – Cult
All you really need for a great punk look is a kickass pair of jeans with lots of attitude. Choose circus stripes, old-school tartan plaid, stars and stripes, or basic black, then make it your own with personal DIY touches.

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