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When it comes to cyberpunk clothing, Lip Service is way ahead of the curve. We’ve been gearing you up since before the new millennium, and are still going strong with men’s and women’s cyberwear styles for the next.


Fleece, vinyl, or girdle mesh, our cyber wear is right for a trip to the cafe or a night under a whirl of lights at the club. Don’t forget to check out accessories to complete your cyber punk look. We even have Lip Service hosiery to go cyber from head to toe!


Featured Cyberpunk Collections and Stylegroups:
With sleek vinyl and mesh accent panels, Quarantine is contagiously hot futuristic fashion. For men, we have vinyl jacket and pants, plus fleece casual wear. Women can go cyberpunk casual, with skirt, leggings, or hoodie, or cyber sexy in vinyl separates.

Dead Nation
The future of cyberpunk clothing is now! Give your cyber style a sleek look with our new Dead-Nation group for men. Guys have ultramodern jackets, vest and pants in basic black with vinyl accent panels.

Vinyl Classics
Cyber fashion means shiny vinyl (now in hot new colors) a modern classic. Men’s vinyl cyberwear includes drive-through vinyl jeans, with zip from front to back. Our women’s cyber punk clothing has everything from vinyl cinchers and jeans to halters and bras.

The future of cyberpunk clothing in a collection of must-have basics! Give your cyber style a sleek look with our new Essentials group for women. Get sleek matte spandex with modern texture in bodysuit, leggings, bandeau, and tank.

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