Studio Servitú is a high-end photography and art studio space in Downtown Los Angeles. The studio primarily serves the underground artist community as a working studio, gallery space and event venue.

We worked with the studio to create their website and produce promotional and advertising materials for services and events.


What we needed to do with this project was take the visual aesthetic of the studio itself and translate that into the look and feel of the website. The studio has a clean and streamlined sensibility with strong design accents that give it a bold personality. We used the strong black and white color scheme found in the studio itself, combined with a clean, streamlined layout to produce a site that conveys the tone and atmosphere we were aiming for.


Promo Graphics & Web Banners

We designed promotional pieces, a press kit and other collateral that maintained the visual tone of the website while also conveying the mood needed for each individual piece.


Web Magazine

We designed this magazine website (built with WordPress) to complement the studio site and serve as a source for news, updates and studio event coverage.


We also developed a press kit for Studio Servitú, which you can see here.

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