food-tostones-vegan-black-bean-chiliOne of the most common misconceptions of going meatless is that it is less hearty, not quite as satisfying. We all love our comfort food. Of course, vegetarian and vegan food have gotten a fairly bad rap, especially here in the meat-loving States. Ask a random sampling of people what they think of the two Vs and you’ll probably get a lot responses equating veg eating to rabbit food or the like. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt! Wrong.

Check out this meal for poor, delicate vegan waifs.

Looks pretty homey, hearty, and satisfying, right? That’s because it is. Just say the word tostones to anyone from Cuba, Puerto Rico, or the general vicinity and watch their mouths water as a big smile lights up their face. This is island comfort food of the highest order, a family favorite Mamas and Abuelitas cook with love. Think of latkes (potato pancakes), dumplings, or other starch-based dishes and move them to the tropics, and you have tostones.

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