rock-vampiresWhile getting in the mood for my Rock ‘n’ Roll Vampire feature with Chad, I did a good bit of surfing around the inter-webs, not only checking out the rock stars who would make the tastiest vamps, but the vamps with a bit of rock star in them, too. Think of it as getting into the perfect mindset of Sex, Fangs & Rock ‘n’ Roll. Because I like lists (no, scratch that … I fucking love lists!), it seemed a good time to discuss who might be my picks for the most rock ‘n’ roll vampires. Of course, your mileage may vary. Please feel free to add your names and reasons to the mix and even tell me I’m full of shit (because it’s certainly possible).

First, I will mention there are a few characters some of you might be shocked and appalled to not see on the list (Blade, I’m looking at you). I do, however, have my reasons (hello, not full vampire!). Or, perhaps I’ve not seen or read that one yet. I read and see a lot but there’s plenty I’m sure I’ve missed, so feel free to share so I can check it out, too, along with the rest of the mad people who read this blog.

Also, in saying Rock ‘n’ Roll, I don’t necessarily just mean trappings, wardrobe, killer tunes, or that sort of thing. Rock is an attitude, a lifestyle, a way of being. It is in that vein I examined vampires throughout time and media to pick my favorites. Mainly, I looked for a certain attitude, a particular bent toward nihilism, a showiness and panache in their style, a take no prisoners way of life and death (and other juicy stuff).

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