Our recent Lip Service costume packaging project presented quite a few challenges. Beside a rather insane time-frame to complete printing in time for a major trade show, there were a lot of photo editing and retouching issues to address in virtually all of the photos. When you have a deep and diverse list of great alt models, it’s a shame not to call them for a new photo shoot. Of course, most alt models have a wicked collection of ink all over their bodies which does not play as well for packaging of garments being marketed to mainstream markets.

One of the most consistent retouching tasks in this project was tattoo removal and lots of it. This is one example, chosen principally because the image includes other common retouching requests, removing skin folds and wrinkles and (there’s no way to say this gently) getting rid of visible nipples. There was also a bit of rumpling in the skirt to address, as well as coloring the pitchfork to coordinate with the color of the dress.

Before and after
Top detail

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