Our recent Lip Service costume packaging project presented quite a few challenges. Beside a rather insane time-frame to complete printing in time for a major trade show, there were a lot of photo editing and retouching issues to address in virtually all of the photos. Sometimes a garment simply will not behave and lay properly, no matter how hard you try to adjust it. Add the factor of stiffer, shiny material such as vinyl and any awkward lay of the garment is intensified. In this specific case, the vinyl blouse refused to lay correctly over the model’s strapless brassiere, as well as rumpling obviously in several places. The skirt also created stubborn textures against the model.

The challenge in this photo was to rebuild the top to create a clean line at the chest, remove or reduce rumples and folding of the vinyl, and still retain the unique shine, feel, and texture of vinyl. There was also a slight modification requested by the designers to adjust the model’s thighs for a cleaner, slimmer line.

Before and after
Chest detail
Skirt detail

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