Our recent Lip Service costume packaging project presented quite a few challenges. Beside a rather insane time-frame to complete printing in time for a major trade show, there were a lot of photo editing and retouching issues to address in virtually all of the photos. One of the only drawbacks to having great alt models to model your new lines is that sometimes they have extras like tattoos or piercings that might not go over in mainstream markets. When the extra in question is a big and rather prominent nose piercing, there is not a lot of working around it to try to reduce impact. In this sample, there was also the added challenge of the skirt not quite fitting correctly on the model and pulling the pleated details with contrast inserts into an unattractive shape.

Here, I rebuilt the model’s nose where the piercing had been to create a more mainstream look. The skirt was rebuilt, along with contrast inserts, to give a more natural line and smooth out the waistline. In addition, themed insignias were added to the model’s kneesocks, expression wrinkles were softened, and skin tones on her belly evened out.

Before and after
Face detail
Skirt detail


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