Our recent Lip Service costume packaging project presented quite a few challenges. Beside a rather insane time-frame to complete printing in time for a major trade show, there were a lot of photo editing and retouching issues to address in virtually all of the photos. One of the constants one notes in alt models is that they tend to not like to stand straight and merely allow the clothes to drape on their frames. This, of course, presents an interesting textural landscape on fabrics; as the body bends and arcs, the fabric will needfully adjust creating deep rumples and folds. The designers were, rightfully, concerned about the overall impression that might be made by presenting rumpled costumes.

That’s where I come in.

This is one of the more vivid examples of fabric texture and folding, where folds and buckling were so extreme, virtually the entire garment needed to be rebuilt.

Before and after
Chest detail
Skirt detail

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