Our recent Lip Service costume packaging project presented quite a few challenges. Beside a rather insane time-frame to complete printing in time for a major trade show, there were a lot of photo editing and retouching issues to address in virtually all of the photos. Sometimes a model is the perfect type with the ideal look for a garment but is just not the sample size. In this case, the designers had an adorable model with the right sweet retro pin-up looks. The challenge was that she was not quite the right fit for the dress, causing unattractive overspill as her chest was much too big for the petite cups of the garment, and her shorter height created the look of being chunkier, especially in the arms and thighs.

This was, by far, the most painstaking retouching of the project because it involved a tremendous amount of creating new bits of model where there were none and naturally reshaping without distorting the garment. I redrew more forearm where they had been covered by dress fabric, the same at the upper arms where the dress buckled outward. Then, I rehaped her middle and reshaded for a natural look. Next, I slimmed the arms from inside and outside and slimmed in the chest for a slimmer line with redrawing and reshading. Last, I brought in the thighs from inside and outside and recreated the tulle underskirt.

Before and after
Chest and arms detail
Thigh detail

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