Featured Website Design Projects

We have two decades of experience designing, producing and managing websites for clients and companies in a wide variety of work environments, from small organizations to corporate creative and production teams.

We create compelling and engaging designs that translate smoothly into clean and well-crafted websites. Our background in front-end design with HTML/CSS combined with our skills working with PHP/MySQL allow us to create robust and flexible websites tailored to the specific needs of any project.

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Custom WordPress Design Portfolio

custom wordpress designWe’ve been using WordPress to build and manage sites for over six years. Our background in front-end design with HTML/CSS combined with our skill working with PHP/MySQL allow us to create robust and flexible custom WordPress websites tailored to the specific needs of any project. We have extensive experience modifying existing themes, developing custom themes and tailoring the WordPress functionality to suit the project’s requirements.

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Entertainment Web Design Portfolio

Film & Entertainment Web Design PortfolioWe’ve done a lot of entertainment web design and graphics work over the last eight years, from actors and models to producers and distributors.

We work one-on-one with entertainment professionals to develop websites that reflect their unique qualities and enhance their online presence. Every artist is different, and it’s important their website expresses their personality and strengths.

Producers and distributors need websites that both showcase their titles and promote their business. Creating these websites is a collaboration, and we work closely with entertainment companies to produce sites that provide both impact and functionality. We also have experience working with companies in a variety other industries.

Take a look at our entertainment web design portfolio:

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Fashion Web Design Portfolio

Fashion Web Design PortfolioWe’ve been working with clients in the fashion industry for the past six years, producing and managing websites, landing pages, email campaigns and a variety of web and print promotional graphics.

We served as the brand and design management team for The Original Cult (the parent company for the Lip Service and Kill City apparel brands) for nearly six years, designing and managing several iterations of the e-commerce websites, webzines and blogs, as well as creating marketing content.

We have a strong background in site design and management for fashion industry projects, as well as developing and producing a wide variety of marketing materials.

Take a look at our fashion web design portfolio:

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Company Website Design

Company Website DesignFrom sole proprietors and small businesses to large companies and corporations, our experience and expertise covers a wide spectrum of company website design positions and projects.

We have over a decade of experience in design, production and management for web media in a wide variety of work environments, from small startups to corporate creative and production teams. We can handle small website projects independently or work with marketing and development teams on large-scale campaigns.

Take a look at our company website design portfolio:

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Website Design for Professional Services

website design for professional servicesWe work with artists, designers, models, actors, filmmakers and other creative professionals, designing websites that help them present themselves and their work with style and impact.

We’re artists and professional ourselves, so we truly understand the specifics and nuances involved in good website design for professional services. We create these sites using WordPress, which is a great option for professionals to have a customized website they can easily update and manage themselves.

Take a look at our professional services website design portfolio:

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Health and Beauty Web Design

Health and Beauty Web DesignWe’ve done web design work for small fitness product companies as well as large beauty brands.

Along with creating websites for Pineapple Fitness and Torque Athletic, Jim was a web designer at Arbonne International for two years, working with a small web design team to design and produce web pages, microsites, landing pages, web promotions and presentations on a regular basis.

Take a look at our health & beauty web design portfolio:

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Email Design: Overview

We have extensive experience designing and producing custom HTML email newsletters and promotions. We served as the brand and design management team for The Original Cult (the parent company for the Lip Service and Kill City apparel brands) for nearly six years, putting together 2-3 emails every week for both brands, for the retail division as well as the wholesale.

We created a wide variety of original designs for these weekly emails, using a base template for the basic layout (header, footer, products) and we created a custom visual theme for each email. Both brands had a wide range of collections and style groups, and we featured a different one every week, so each email needed a unique look, while maintaining the visual branding that customers would easily recognize.

We’ve also developed email designs and campaigns for smaller projects. You can see the full selection of our email design work below.

Lip Service stylegroups featured include Division LS II, Tokyo Trix, Never Mind the Mohair, Hoodlumz, Desensitized, Circuit City, Millennium Moon, Erotomechanics, Technocracy, Cyber Sniper, Fash-ist Fishnet, Vinyl Classics, Liquid Sky, Dead-Nation, Prissy Punk, Fetish Alliance, Widow: Black Ice, Gangsta Pranksta, Apocalyptic Fur, and Warbird.

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Email Design: Lip Service 2013

Email design by Plastic Hassle for twice-weekly newsletters by Lip Service clothing retail and wholesale divisions. Stylegroups featured include Vinyl Classics, Prissy Punk, Liquid Sky, Occult, Warbird, Step in Time: Winchester Emporium, Let it Ride, Sidewinder, In Remembrance of, Widow: Black Ice, Rock-n-Roll Jeans, Spike It, Doll Face, and Tokyo Idol .

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