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The Experience and Expertise to Produce a Successful Event.

When planning a party or special event, Party Planners USA is unmatched in our knowledge of what’s trending right now: the best and most sought-after venues, entertainment, catering, and event services. With over 25 years of party and event planning, our team of event professionals specialize in coordinating each fine detail to ensure the event not only runs seamlessly, but becomes an unforgettable experience.

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Main page Steampunk SEO copy:

Lip Service has always loved making Victorian looks, as well as great edgy styles with lots of hardware. So, of course, when we clapped eyes on steampunk, it was love at first sight. Our men’s and women’s steampunk clothing collection gives you the best of both worlds.


On the one hand, you can don some Victorian steampunk finery, with dapper waistcoats and trousers or a smart traveling suit with a ruffled hem. Or you can dress to travel the world of the never-past of airships and sky pirates with edgier looks for the steampunk clothing gypsy in you.

Featured Steampunk Collections and Stylegroups:
Desert Exile
Rock your steampunk style with a post-apocalyptic edge. We’ve got futuristically dystopian steampunk clothing for men and women, pants, jackets, kilt, skirt, and tees in basic black or desert sand with accent panels.

Step in Time: Westing Manor
Step back and forth in time with steampunk clothes that go from traditional Victorian finery to patterned leggings and t-shirts. Pick turn-of-the-century plaid, art graphics, or Victorian ladies for your updated steampunk look.

Step in Time: Mecanique Menagerie
Looking for steampunk that adds a touch of Edwardian elegance to rugged future-past style? Check out Mecanique Menagerie, with dapper gents’ pieces in black and tan, and ladies’ separates in black and leaf green solids and dainty florals.

Step in Time: Winchester Emporium
Take a steampunk adventure to the saloons and gunfights of the Old West. Men’s steampunk clothing includes gunfighter vest, western jacket, and separates. Women’s steampunk separates include dress, long skirt, bustle, and brocade corset.


Main page Gothic/Lolita SEO copy:

Since its beginnings, Lip Service has been a leader in gothic clothing for a reason: we love goth clothes. Whether you prefer a more traditional Victorian gothic style, or modern updates like cyber goth or gothic Lolita fashion, Lip Service has your dark side covered!


Check out the old-school gothic look of The Blacklist, with classic dark style for men and women. If you like cyber goth, Dead-Nation for men is your best choice. For gothic Lolita flair with edge, try Lolita Bones.


Featured Gothic/Lolita Collections and Stylegroups:
The Blacklist
Those familiar with Lip Service know that, when it comes to the dark and romantic side of your wardrobe, The Blacklist means exceptional gothic style. Black and more black, trimmed with lace and ribbons, our Blacklist group has all the pieces you need to complete your classic gothic look.

Apocalyptic Fur
Want to rock your dark side with post-apocalyptic style? Check out our new collection of faux-fur-accented vegi leather jackets and accessories for men and women. Try a fur-trimmed moto jacket with criss-crossed straps or grab a holster or bag to bring a touch of dystopian fashion to your day-to-day gothic look.

Lolita Bones
Like your gothic Lolita look with a bit of edge and lots of attitude, along with the lace and flounces? Lolita Bones has all the ruffles and frills you want, with a killer bone-patterned pinstripe, plus a dapper vest for guys.


Main page Cyberpunk SEO copy:

When it comes to cyberpunk clothing, Lip Service is way ahead of the curve. We’ve been gearing you up since before the new millennium, and are still going strong with men’s and women’s cyberwear styles for the next.


Fleece, vinyl, or girdle mesh, our cyber wear is right for a trip to the cafe or a night under a whirl of lights at the club. Don’t forget to check out accessories to complete your cyber punk look. We even have Lip Service hosiery to go cyber from head to toe!


Featured Cyberpunk Collections and Stylegroups:
With sleek vinyl and mesh accent panels, Quarantine is contagiously hot futuristic fashion. For men, we have vinyl jacket and pants, plus fleece casual wear. Women can go cyberpunk casual, with skirt, leggings, or hoodie, or cyber sexy in vinyl separates.

Dead Nation
The future of cyberpunk clothing is now! Give your cyber style a sleek look with our new Dead-Nation group for men. Guys have ultramodern jackets, vest and pants in basic black with vinyl accent panels.

Vinyl Classics
Cyber fashion means shiny vinyl (now in hot new colors) a modern classic. Men’s vinyl cyberwear includes drive-through vinyl jeans, with zip from front to back. Our women’s cyber punk clothing has everything from vinyl cinchers and jeans to halters and bras.

The future of cyberpunk clothing in a collection of must-have basics! Give your cyber style a sleek look with our new Essentials group for women. Get sleek matte spandex with modern texture in bodysuit, leggings, bandeau, and tank.


Main page Rock n Roll SEO copy:

Lip Service started in 1985 with a simple piece of rock n roll clothing, leggings emblazoned with the now-iconic Lippy dagger. Since then, the offerings in both men’s and women’s rock clothing have expanded to include everything you need to gear up, rock style.


Spanning from jeans and tees to jackets and dresses, Lip Service makes rock and roll clothing to take you from day to a night of club crawling. Go for a casual t-shirt or hoodie with rock n roll jeans or studded rock gear with an attitude. Either way, Lippy’s got the rock n roll clothing to fit your rockstar lifestyle.


Featured Rock n Roll Collections and Stylegroups:
Spike It!
Rock n roll clothing is anything but subtle. Gear up with rocker styles covered with metal spikes, vinyl panels, and bold chevrons. We’ve got women’s leggings, jeans, top, vest, dress, and even hot pants, all guaranteed to get a rise.

Rock a badass look, even in the hottest weather. Rock and roll clothing is all about comfort, with light separates in basic black with pentagram, cross, bamboo, and fantasy prints. Men’s tee and women’s leggings, tees, plus maxi and mini dresses.

Fashion Victim
Is there any piece of clothing more rock n roll than a t-shirt? Get rocking in tees with fringe, lacing, and kick-ass screen prints, plus hoodies for men and leggings, skirts, and vests for women.


Main page Punk Rock SEO copy:

Punk rock is close to our hearts, here at Lip Service. So, it’s not surprising that so is making punk clothing. In both our men’s and women’s punk rock clothing collections, there are decades of attitude and edge stitched into every seam and strap.


Whether you want plaid bondage pants or a new kilt, maxi dress or a pair of vintage blue jeans, Lip Service has the punk clothing for your style. Make sure to check out our punk rock accessories and APE Leather belts, wristbands, and chokers, to complete your look.


Featured Punk Rock Collections and Stylegroups:
LSMPA (Lip Service Manufactured Punk Aesthetic)
Need some punk and disorderly in your life? We can, at least, take care of your gear. Lip Service Manufactured Punk Aesthetic gives you punk rock style jeans, jackets, and tees to kit up your inner romper-stomper.

Jeans – Cult
All you really need for a great punk look is a kickass pair of jeans with lots of attitude. Choose circus stripes, old-school tartan plaid, stars and stripes, or basic black, then make it your own with personal DIY touches.


In preparation for their 25th anniversary, Lip Service decided to compile a coffee table book of their history, and enlisted our help in issuing a call for submissions to be used in a chapter dedicated to self-proclaimed “Lippy Addicts”. To keep the frequently-posted requests engaging, and gather more submissions from fans, we put together the We Want campaign, an ongoing call for submissions tailored to suit the brand’s irreverent style.

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heartcashIt’s that time of year again. Do you feel it yet? The stink of forced romantic sappiness, the dread of the upcoming Bataan death march to florists and confectioners alike, the flop sweat of trying to somehow write something on a card more romantic than your lady’s friends’ partners?

Oh yes, the VD is in the air!