Lip Service is a Los Angeles underground fashion staple. Born out of the mid-80s LA rock and metal scene, Lip Service is a long-standing alternative lifestyle brand.

We served as the brand and design management team for The Original Cult (the parent company for the Lip Service and Kill City apparel brands) for nearly six years, working as their go-to creative and production experts for all things web and graphic design.


  • Develop and maintain branding. Create an overall visual aesthetic that expresses the rebellious spirit and underground culture of the company while also conveying a reliable and professional impression. Design and produce websites and promotional content to perpetuate the company’s brand across multiple platforms.
  • Improve website usability. Review and improve the company’s retail website user experience to increase sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Develop and maintain promotion campaigns. Create and execute marketing and advertising campaigns consisting of websites and landing pages, webzine, weekly email campaigns, social media management and promotion, and print advertising.

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Studio Servitú is a high-end photography and art studio space in Downtown Los Angeles. The studio primarily serves the underground artist community as a working studio, gallery space and event venue.

We worked with the studio to create their website and produce promotional and advertising materials for services and events.


What we needed to do with this project was take the visual aesthetic of the studio itself and translate that into the look and feel of the website. The studio has a clean and streamlined sensibility with strong design accents that give it a bold personality. We used the strong black and white color scheme found in the studio itself, combined with a clean, streamlined layout to produce a site that conveys the tone and atmosphere we were aiming for.

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When it was time to launch a site redesign for the Lip Service web store, we needed to create a design to promote it through the company’s email newsletters and social media channels. This new site represented a new branding campaign with a minimal, modern and dark tone. We selected a photo that represented the brand’s style and attitude and added a secretive element to the visual design, giving their subscribers and followers a sense of exclusivity. The final result is a design that gives the brand a high-end fashion sensibility and gives the user motivation toward action.



One thing you can count on when working with fashion labels is the staggering rate at which styles change and, with them, how the branding needs to keep up with emerging trends and niche markets. With their deep roots in both gothic fashion and dystopian fantasy, introducing steam styles to the line was a natural evolution for Lip Service. As they moved deeper into steampunk, their visual branding needed to move with them. In planning promotional pieces for the World Steam Expo, we used their iconic dagger skull to craft clockwork and Victoriana styled buttons, as well as flyers with an elegant burnished metal background and cogs alongside the gothic/Victorian division’s Blacklist tree to bridge their clean, modern branded look with the traditionalist visual style of steampunk.



Some long-time colleagues developed a unique idea for a vacation house and came to me to craft a website for their new venture. The Vegas Punk House is a vacation/party house that’s geared toward anyone with a love of punk culture. Aside from being equipped with a pool, hot tub, poker table, pinball machine and more, the house has been decorated with all kinds of awesome punk memorabilia, with several walls covered in original flyers from some amazing shows and bands in the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. It was a fun project!

Case Study: Brenin Hurley Website

Brenin Hurley is a talented photographer in Atlanta who wanted a membership site for his creative nude and erotic photography and video work. His work is elegant and beautiful, and we wanted to create a site that would provide a sophisticated platform for his captivating images. On the backend, I set up two separate WordPress installations for the public “front” area of the website and the members-only “back” area of the website, for those visitors with paid memberships to the site. We also created a suite of web banners reflecting the branding of the site.

Case Study: Cinevolve Studios

Cinevolve is an independent film distribution company and has been a client for many years now. When they founded the company, they needed a visual identity and an online presence, and they came to us to help put it all together. After creating their logo and business cards, we began work on the company website. They wanted a look that says ‘modern entertainment business professionals’ – something that conveys the weight of professional quality while feeling fresh and contemporary.


We developed a visual design with simple shapes and a basic monochromatic blue color scheme that give the site a dynamic energy while maintaining a professional tone. We built the site out using Dreamweaver to construct the HTML and CSS. We created Flash animations for the site intro and main navigation to add some visual dynamic to the user experience.

visit this website:

Here are the other assets we produced for Cinevolve Studios: